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Lagos State Education Summit

The Lagos State Education Summit commenced in Year 2006 is a bi-annual event. The Summit is aimed at amongst others cross fertilizing ideas about the journey in our educational endeavour from the creation of the state to date; in assembling the best crops of stakeholders; in x-raying the state of our education as obtainable today; analyzing the missing gaps especially as it relates to funding related issues; mirroring into the future financial requirements that would be required to meet the standard as desirable by a committed government that is poised to make a difference in the educational field; and come up with measurable and attainable communiqué to serve blueprint for achieving the objectives of the summit.

Hence, the State made a deliberate policy of benchmarking its development with global best practices and it is in view of this that Education Summit is organized to bring together leaders of thought in Education to facilitate the development of strategies for achieving higher standards in Lagos State and to draw attention of a wide range of Education stakeholders to the issue of delivery, quality and standards in Lagos State Education Sector in line with international best practices.

Decision/communiqué of the Summit is always implemented for the  progress of Education in the State.