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Lagos Celebrates 5th Anniversay Of Uniformed Clubs in Schools


Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, has asserted that the development of the mind is more enduring than the development of the stomach.

Fashola who said this at the fifth anniversary of the return of Uniformed Voluntary Clubs in the state’s public schools urged the pupils and students who gathered at the event to always imbibe the tenets of the various clubs to which they belonged as it will prepare them for service, probity, accountability and leadership.

Said he, “there is one infrastructure, the infrastructure of the mind. Some people have opted to develop the infrastructure of the stomach. I am convinced that when they reflect on it, they will understand that educating and equipping the mind is the best way of preparing to feed them.

The Governor who delivered the keynote address at the occasion noted the peculiar skills of each and everybody which distinguishes such a person stressing however that those traits such as character, honesty, honourability and promise keeping are germane to the development of a good child.

“As you proceed in your education, what will stand you out is not what you know but who you are. Your character will stand you out. Your character will define how people relate to you. I cannot recall any incident that a Sheriff Guard uniform was found at the scene of a crime. It has never been reported. But there is nothing esoteric about the uniform. But it is the character of the people who wear the uniform that defines the uniform. The choice that you make will determine whether there will be a sixth edition of this programme. But I can assure you that as long as the APC government is in place, this programme will continue to hold,’’ he said.

Mr. Fashola explained that government understood the challenges in the education sector and took it up by embarking on reforms to cope with the growing demand and make schools a destination that students and teachers will want to be.

He pointed out that education reform is a marathon which demanded the enduring and persistent support of everybody in the sector hence he was commended teachers in the state who teaches the student for committing themselves to the running of the marathon.

Some of the clubs at the event included the Boys’ Scout, Red Cross Society, Brownies, Sheriff Guard, Boys and Girls Brigade as well as the African Lad and Lasses Brigade and some of the highlights of event include march past by all the clubs, flag parade by members of the Brigade, special performance by the Scout as well as demonstration by Red Cross.