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Education Sector Analysis (ESA)

Education Sector Analysis (ESA) is a coinage for Sector-Wide Approaches to Planning (SWAP). SWAP is a donor concept that presents procedures and methodologies/technologies for better development planning. It is expected to be integrated and systematic in its approach to planning and reform management.
All States of the Federation and Federal Capital Territory, Abuja were directed to set up State ESA Committee with a coordinator and Desk Officer at a Stakeholders nation-wide workshop held in Ganaja, Lokoja, Kogi State in April, 2002.
Consequently, the State ESA Committee was constituted and inaugurated by the Honourable Commissioner for Education in August 2002. The various Sub-Committees were also set-up.
At present, the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja is embarking on a national data collection exercise on the Nigerian Education Sector Analysis.
These data are going to be collected in respect of all sub-sectors of education i.e. pre-primary to tertiary which reflect the situation on ground commencing from 18th – 25th June, 2003 after a two day workshop on data collection.

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