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Education For All (EFA)

Arising from the decision taken at the World Conference on Education in Jomtien, Malaysia in June 1990 that Education For All should be achieved by the year 2000, a follow up Conference was held in Dakar, in April, 2000 which articulated six (6) goals and twelve (12) strategies for the attainment of EFA goals by 2015.
The result of the Dakar forum was a global commitment to the Dakar Framework of Action.
In August 2001, the Federal Government inaugurated the National E.F.A forum with the objective of producing a National Action Plan by the end of 2002.
The National EFA forum recommended that States should ensure the setting up of EFA forum that will be inclusive of all stakeholders in Education.
Thus on 4th June, 2003, the Permanent Secretary inaugurated the State EFA forum and charged with the responsibility of articulating the six (6) EFA goals and twelve (12) strategies adopted at the Dakar Forum and this should be achievable by the year 2015.

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