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Tutor General / Permanent Secretary (TG/PS) Mrs Olufunmil ayo Onadipe recently called all the students representatives and counsellors in the public secondary schools from all the zones that make up the District to an enlightenment forum. It was a
sensitization forum on Sexual Harassment, Drug Abuse, the Dignity of Hard work and how to become a responsible and useful citizens in the society.

The TG/PS expressed great displeasure on the unrestrained access the children has to the media which has exposed them to some social vices as has manifested in the society today. She emphasized the three important life questions to be answered by the children that will help them know their purpose in the society The Question of Existence – Why am I alive ? The Question of Significance – Does my life matter ? The Question of Purpose – What on earth am I for ?

Officials from National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and social of l workers from Ministry of Youth and Social Development were invited to counsel the children. The high point of the day was the invitation of a rehabilitated drug
addict who advised the students to shun the use of illicit drugs.