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Our Service Promise

  • We will give prompt attention to our clients within a very short period of their visit.
  • We will respond to our clients’ correspondence within 7 days of receipt of letters.
  •  We will ensure clients satisfaction through prompt quality service delivery.
  • We will arouse the interest of our students towards learning of science, technology and ICT in our schools.
  • We will provide quality education and child guidance and counseling services.
  • We will conduct standardized examinations and ensure prompt release of results.
  • Quality of education will be assured through properly tested evaluation and reliable statistical data.
  • We will curb certificate forgery and admission into unaccredited tertiary institutions through compliance with approved guidelines.
  • We will improve teaching and learning skills of pupils and students for positive, functional and dynamic operations to meet up with current global standards.
  • We will provide letter of approval to private school owners having complied with necessary requirements within the shortest possible time.
  • Our clients will be paid for goods delivered and services rendered promptly.
  • We will ensure maximum protection for all the pupils and students in our school within the official school hours.