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Our Clients

  • Children of early childhood class from age 3-5
  • Children of primary school class from age 6-12
  • Students of junior and senior secondary school from age 12-18
  • Parents/Guardians of all children in public schools
  • Development partners/NGOs/International donor agencies
  • Contractors/Suppliers
  • Proprietors of private schools
  • Authors/Publishers
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • General public.

Expectations From Our Clients

  • Our clients are expected to be conversant with the provisions of the law and acts as it affects their relationship with our ministry.
  • Our clients must pay all necessary fees and submit relevant documents promptly to ensure quick service delivery.
  • Our clients must make all payments to appropriate quarters.
  • Our clients must never compromise the Ministry’s staff.
  • Our clients should adhere to rules and regulations or directives by responding to requests from the ministry or any of its departments/agencies.
  • Our clients are expected to partner with the ministry through the support our schools initiative.
  • Our clients are expected to give us adequate necessary information, support, cooperation and reliable data.
  • Our clients are expected to review and revise their books regularly in line with the national curriculum/scheme of work.
  • Our clients are expected to bring all certificates and other relevant documents for sighting and authentication.
  • Our clients should ensure prompt response to requests emanating from the ministry or any of its departments.
  • Our clients should promptly mobilize workers to site and ensure quality project execution.
  • Our clients should give their feedback through constructive criticism, complaints and suggestions.