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Science and Technology Department

It is a professional Department with special mandate to promote the teaching and learning of Sciences, Mathematics, ICT and Technology in Schools.

It is because of this reason that a special Committee on Science and Technology exists at JCCE meetings.

General Activities of the Department

  • Design and provision of Science laboratories in schools.
  • Installation of Computer facilities in schools in conjunction with the State Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Installation of e-learning Software in schools.
  • Supply of Science equipment and Chemicals to schools.
  • Provision of Geographical Gardens/Geographical Information¬†Systems in schools.
  • Maintenance of Science and ICT facilities in schools.
  • Organizing Science and Technology related Competitions.
  • Organizing Science Vacation Course for Students.
  • Organizing specialized workshop for Science/Mathematics¬†teachers and laboratory workshop Assistants in schools.
  • Schools Agricultural Programme in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
  • Collaboration with Federal Ministries and other Agencies on matters relating to Science and Technology.
  • Monitoring of Science/Technical/Computer/Agricultural facilities in schools to ensure proper usage and maintenance.
  • Liaising with LASTVEB on matters affecting Technical and Vocational Education in the State.