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Policy, Planning, Research and Statistics

The Policy, Planning Research and Statistics (PPR&S) Department is primarily responsible for coordinating the planning process across the Ministry.  The department prepares the Ministry’s budget and coordinates the update of the Medium Term Sector Strategy (MTSS). It also monitors and analyzes all the sectoral MDA’s budget performance and activities on a quarterly basis.

Other functions of the department are:

  • Review of the Lagos State Policy on Education
  • Coordinate the State’s delegates for National meetings e.g. JCCE, NCE
  • Coordinate Federal Ministry of Education programmes e.g. Education Sector Analysis (ESA), Education for All (EFA)
  • Coordinate the implementation of the Education Summit
  • Coordinate collaboration with Donor Agencies/Partners e.g. ESSPIN, UNICEF
  • Organize State Merit Award for students and staff in Primary and Secondary schools
  • Manage the Ministry’s Education Data Bank
  • Conduct the Annual School Census (ASC)
  • Publish the Lagos State Public & Private Schools Directory, Annual Education Sector Performance Reports and Educational Statistics
  • Conduct Research work