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Examinations Board

The Board is statutorily responsible for the conduct of the following Examinations

  • Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for JSS III students.
  • Screening Test for admission of students into JSS.1 in Lagos State Junior¬†Model Colleges/Upgraded schools.
  • Placement Test for placing Primary Six pupils into JSS.1 in public Junior Secondary Schools other than Model Colleges/Upgraded Schools.
  • Public Service Examinations for Officers in the Public Service for the purpose of Promotion, Confirmation of appointment etc. The examinations in this category are Compulsory Examinations for Admin Executive Officers, Combined/Confirmation examination for Clerical Officers and Assistants, External Secretarial for Secretarial Officers and Assistants and Trade Test for Artisans, students from Vocational Schools and Technical Colleges.